VELscope Oral Cancer Screening System


VELscope: the oral cancer screening systemStatistics regarding oral cancer are astonishing. Mortality rates for this deadly disease have remained nearly the same for the past 40 years, and it has been estimated that one person in the United States dies as a result of oral cancer every hour.

While these statistics may paint a grim picture for those who have oral cancer, the encouraging news is that, when detected early, the disease has a 90 percent cure rate. For this reason, oral cancer screenings are essential. We are proud to provide VELscope™, which is the latest technology in the detection of oral cancer. It is a non-invasive examination that has been approved by the FDA. VELscope™ uses blue light to identify abnormal tissue, allowing for a speedy and accurate diagnosis. Although this examination only takes a few minutes, it can be a life-saving screening method in the early detection of oral cancer.