Teeth Whitening


Whitening the teeth is a safe and affordable way to brighten a smile. We offer three variations of whitening.


You've likely seen the commercials for Crest Whitstrips. These are flexible strips that have a whitening gel in them. You place the strip on your teeth and leave them for 15 – 30 minutes. The over-the-counter strips can be effective for whitening. We carry a slightly stronger whitening strip in the office. The cost for a box of strips is $50.00. The drawback to this form of whitening is that the strips tend to be messy and the gel will get all over the mouth.

Custom Tray Whitening

This version of whitening is our favorite at Robinson Smile Center. We use a mould of your mouth to make custom flexible fit trays for your mouth. These trays fit very snug around your teeth. We then give you several small tubes of whitening gel that you can put into the tray. The tray then holds the gel very closely against the teeth. The gel comes in a variety of strengths to appeal to anyone and everyone. If you have sensitive teeth we can order a lower strength gel and have you wear the tray less time per day. If you have no sensitivity then a stronger gel that you wear for up to 6 hours can be dispensed. This option provides the most flexibility and excellent results. The cost for this option is $250.00.


The final option is the well-advertised ZOOM Whitening system. We will still utilize a mould of your mouth and make you custom fitting trays. However, we will also have you in the office for several hours to do an initial ZOOM boost of whitening. This involves isolating the teeth, applying a high strength whitener and then using the ZOOM light to facilitate the whitener working faster. You will leave with noticeably whiter teeth after that appointment. The drawback is that we cannot predict how much sensitivity you may experience. For this reason we typically suggest people only use ZOOM if they have a quickly approaching deadline for having whiter teeth. We charge $500.00 for this option.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion.