Sleep Apnea / Snoring


Sleep Apnea is a breathing disorder caused by blocked airways. The condition is often recognized by several symptoms such as morning headaches, heartburn and high blood pressure. Left untreated, the illness can lead to chronic sleepiness, heart attack and stroke. Those suffering from this ailment typically experience poor quality sleep and constant daily fatigue.

Who Suffers from Sleep Apnea

Anyone can be affected by Sleep Apnea including children with enlarged tonsils and especially people who have gained a substantial amount of weight. Parents and bed partners are usually first to notice the symptoms, which include excessive snoring, breathing pauses, or accelerated gasping for air. Dr.Luchtefeld is an expert in Sleep Apnea and offers advanced testing methods and diagnosis.

Treatment Depends Upon Severity

Mild Sleep Apnea cases can be corrected by changing the patient's lifestyle including weight loss and a proper exercise regimen. More severe cases may be treated by measurement and placement of breathing devices and, if necessary, invasive surgical procedures. The first step is the correct diagnosis and a well-designed treatment plan. Our patients appreciate both our personal approach and conservative philosophy, and you will too!


Airway obstruction can occur as often as 30-60 times per night, causing excessive strain on the heart, and possible suffocation. A Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is recommended in extreme cases of Sleep Apnea. This appliance keeps the breathing passages open, thereby allowing the patient to receive enough air and sleep comfortably.

CPAP Alternative

Because some patients have difficulty tolerating a CPAP, or do not respond well to this type of therapy, we offer an alternative: the fabrication of mouth guards and other mouth pieces, which comfortably keeps the airway open during sleep.

Up to a 96 percent success rate has been recorded when using mouth appliances to treat this condition so why not schedule a consultation with us soon?. You'll sleep easier!