Crowns in a Single Visit!

CEREC One-visit DentistryTraditionally, placement of a crown required multiple dental visits. CEREC™ is a technology, which, when delivered by skilled dental professionals, can means delivery of a dental crown in a single visit!

CEREC™ crowns are convenient and typically require no more than one hour to fabricate. The restorations are placed using resin cement, which bonds to the structure of the tooth and the crown, preventing leakage and migration of any bacteria. There is no need for temporary crowns. This procedure is completed quickly and efficiently.

Restorations are sturdy, providing a perfect fit and exceptional aesthetics. Because of the high durability of the material, teeth are protected from fracture, thereby, minimizing the likelihood of future endodontic (root canal) therapy.

We are proud and excited to be one of the first dental providers in our community to offer this very highest level of technology and convenience available today.

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